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Supro Black Holiday Americana Jet Black 1575JB


  • The Black Holiday is an all-new Supro instrument, based on the Chicago-made, res-o-glass guitars of the 1960s. While the vintage Supro instruments were constructed entirely of fiberglass, our updated construction technique mates a newly developed composite “Acousti-glass” top to a chambered mahogany back for greater semi-acoustic resonance and tuning stability over the originals. The Supro Black Holiday’s Art Deco lines and two-knob control layout combine elements from several different Supro res-o-glass models of the past to create a new guitar that is worthy of a place alongside the reissues of these iconic American guitars. 

  • The Black Holiday’s vintage correct tuners, stairstep tailpiece and adjustable rosewood bridge are joined by a reproduction of the legendary Vistatone pickup. The Vistatone pickups found in the Supro Black Holiday are a faithful replica of the groundbreaking, single coil design developed for Valco by Ralph Keller in the early 1950s. The Vistatone pickup is cited as prior art in Seth Lover’s PAF patent and is found in many of the most desirable vintage Supro models. 

  • The Supro Black Holiday has a powerful, electric swamp-blues tone that is anything but subtle. It’s a gnarly sounding instrument that loves tube amps and fuzz pedals of all kinds. The neck pickup sounds huge and wooly, while the bridge pickup has an unmistakable midrange growl that is downright dirty. Our semi-hollow recipe of an Acousti-glass top and mahogany body retains the unique sonic characteristics of the original res-o-glass models while providing today’s musicians with a lightweight, highly playable instrument that stays in tune and is easy to maintain. 

  • The Black Holiday guitar and its relatives in the Americana Series of Supro electric guitars were designed by Trevor Wilkinson and David Koltai to capture the spirit and sound of the Art Deco-influenced, historic line of Supro instruments.


  • Colour : Jet Black
  • Body : Vintage Supro body design with « Acousti-Glass » top
  • Back : Semi-Hollow Mahogany
  • Neck : Mahogany
  • Frets : 21
  • Bridge : Rosewood with Art Deco « stairstep » tailpiece
  • Pickups : Vintage-correct Vistatone Pickup
  • Controls : 50’s-wiring Volume and Tone Controls
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